Our little treasures


We all have our little treasures that we hold close. For most it may be a souvenir that reminds them of something, it may even be a person, a place or a memory that is a big part of them.The thoughts that leave you with a warmth all over. My fondest memories are of the rain where my childhood friends from around the apartment would gather for all sorts of good times


It inflicts a wave of nostalgia. A bittersweet feeling that leaves me confused of what to do with myself. Bringing a memory of simpler times when my friends were all together. We would come out to play every evening, and the rain couldn’t do much to stop us. Delighted by the rare sight of rain we’d all join for games in the puddles and the increasingly large ponds made in the form of patches in the broken parts of the pavement. We would dare each other to go across the temporary ponds even though we knew they weren’t very deep. This one time we found a plank of wood which was big enough to hold 1.5(?) people. We imagined that to be our raft which was slowly sinking in the “storm” that was upon us. After many efforts the raft couldn’t be saved and we’d finally sink and swim all the way to “shore”. Often times when the rain would reduce to a slight drizzle, I remember joining hands to pray for it to become heavier.

Looking back at it, its nothing much and even when I look at the children playing today, they seem like their doing all kinds of stupid stuff that makes no sense at all, but those are the treasures that we hold close when we find ourselves alone. That is when these little treasures manage to light up our souls and bring them to life.

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